100 TO 600 HP

  • Custom Ice Rink Systems available for Glycol or Calcium Chloride
  • Sizes from 100 HP to 600 HP, Water, Evap or Air Cooled
  • Indoor or Outdoor Packages available.

R-507 Water Cooled Ice Rink Chiller
Above: Microprocessor Controlled R-507 Water Cooled Ice Rink Chiller
with two 60 HP 6 Cylinder Carlyle Direct Drive Compressors cooling
an 85 x 200 foot Ice Rink in the Northeast.

Ammonia Icerink Chiller
Above: Microprocessor Controlled Flooded Ice Rink Ammonia Chiller
with two 125 HP Mycom Compressors for a single 85 x 200 foot Ice Rink.

High Efficiency Ise Rink Chiller
Above: R-507 Microprocessor Controlled High Efficiency Ice Rink Chiller
with four 60 HP Direct Drive 6 Cylinder Bitzer Compressors, Evaporative Condensers
cooling a 85 x 200 foot Ice Rink in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Above: 225 HP R-507 Industrial Flooded Ice Rink Chiller

Above: 600 HP Triple Ice Rink Chiller Package installed in Tampa, Florida

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